Fast 50s suspension kit for ttr125

Today, I just put my bike back together after doing a suspension upgrade. I swapped out my shock spring and fork springs for units from Fast 50s. I also went up to 15wt on the fork oil (the Fast 50s kit recommends 20wt.). The Fast 50s website reports 60% stiffer than stock compared to bbr's claim of 30% stiffer than stock. The Fast 50s kit is set up for a rider between 140-200lb. This kit is so stiff that the suspension is hard to budge. I'm sure for a kid 120lb. or less this would be a sucky and very harsh set up but hey this is my pitbike and I'm a 200lb. adult. This set up will allow it to jump a little bit and skim over rough sections that would ordinarily use up a lot of stroke on the suspension. For us heavy riders and lightweight aggressive riders this is the ticket. The set up cost $160 and I recieved the kit in two days. My nearby shop put on new forkseals, 15wt oil and installed the springs for $115. $275 is not bad at all considering some guys are paying that much for a muffler worth .5 horsepower. I'd be willing to say that next to a YZ 80 conversion this is as best as it gets and is an exceptional value. The frame cradle is still a wise investment but the Fast 50s set up alone makes the stock suspension look like a rip off. Great value, great parts (quality, fit and finish) and great customer service. :naughty:

Sounds awesome definately look into the cradle if you haven't. I wish I had my ttr to ride around. I could never imagine the springs that still on a TTR since when they're stock they're really soft.

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