03' WR250F needs more power!

I've done the free mods, DR D exhaust, opened the airbox, rejetted and I run 12/52 gearing. I don't care much about the top end but it still just doesn't have much snap on the bottom. What can I do, I'm even thinking about a big bore kit although I'd have to pay to have anything like that installed as I'm mechanically challenged. Would you recommend a big bore kit (if so what kind and where to get) or maybe a YZ cam (where to get). Help please, I'm desperate. If I don't get some more power out of it I'll have to think about a 450, but I'm only 165 ibs and would rather stay on a 250.



yzf cam adds alot of top end you can get one at your dealer or find one on ebay.

P.S. how do you like your dr.d thinking about getting one

If you want to add bottom end, the power now and the JD kit would be money well spent. Have you cured the bog yet? This makes for a huge increase in the fun-factor.

1. a power now and power now plus are some options for some low end 2.you can change the gearing 3. twist the throttle more and stay in the midrange lol

I bought the bike used with the DR D already on it so I don't know the difference.

Does the Power Now give you a noticeable boost? Maybe doing the Power Now and the YZ cam would fix it? I love the bike, I'm just trying to get some more low end punch.

The YZ cam will definitely yeild more power, but not at the bottom end. That remains about the same.

If you were going to pick one of the Power Now or the JD kit, go with the JD kit. It is a more noticeable improvement, spread over the whole powerband. The PN will add some power down low, but honestly I didn't think it help $100 worth. BUT I've got teh older model and not the PN Plus.

You could also try a powerbomb header by FMF. They are supposed to help the low end too.

I agrree with Barton, get the JD jetting kit. It made a big difference on my 03 wr. When you say you opened the air box, are you reffering to the removal of the stock air box restrictor? I didn't think the bike could breath very well even with it removed and therefore purchased the Barnum's pro airbox screen/vent. I then got rid of the screen on the filter cage and bought the twin air backfire filter (flame resistant) Big Difference! Lots of power. I had to increase the main jet by two sizes. I am however also using the Vortex X-10 cdi. Very nice!

hot cams and a 262 kit-it works!

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