XR 100 Pitfalls

Hi Guys, usually over in the DRZ forum. Anyhow, my son (9yrs) is getting too big for his XR 70 (3rd year on it), I'm looking for a used XR 100 for him. The TTR 125 is a little tall. Any problems with the newer XR models compaired to the CRF's. He is a mellow rider, so a CR 80/85 is out of the picture.

NO problems! they are bullit proof and run forever.

Make sure you get at least a 1992 or newer because they have CDI ignition.

Bulletproof! They are great, reliable bikes. You wont be disapointed.

One of my boys has a 2003 Xr100 and that bike is great!!! We are an XR family. We have 4 of various sizes and all are great.


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