I have an 04 KX250F and I ride mx and fmx. It seems like my bike is lacking up top say if there's a jump out of a corner I'll go through the corner in 2nd gear and shift into 3rd and it seems like 3rd doesn't pull as long as I'd like.

Would changing the gearing help this out at all? What gearing would be recommended?

I switched the back to a 47 and I really like it. I just raced Budds Creek and it pulled up the hills great and did not really need to ever shift. A 46 rear may also be a good choice, I would check that out.

Thanks man!!! What about a size bigger on the front sprocket instead?

I have never tried it, but it should work just as well. Maybe some on here has and will let you know.

I have a simular problem, I currently have a RMZ250 05 model, i have gone to a 47 tooth rear to make the gears slightly longer, on teh track the gearing works very well, nice and smoth out the corners, and it helps the egnine rev on a bit more, but it wont gate in anything other than 1st... if i try to gate in 2nd it just gets a mega Bog and almost stalls,

in the Uk i have heard alot of people running 49 tooth rear and then running one gear higher in the box... Any idea's?

I just went to 47 and I really like it. 2nd gear starts aren't so much a no-brainer anymore, but in the turns it's nice to be able to spin/rev a little more while clutching. Also, the less shifting was nice too.

this was what i found, on the track 47 worked really well, the thing just wont gate in 2nd, and 1st is almost impossable as its to snappy and requires shifting to dam quick. its almost as if as soon as the bike is moving you need to change, within the first 6feet for example.

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