Dunlop 606 Tire

Does anyone know where I can get the best price on a Dunlop 606 tire? :naughty:

Thanks for any suggestions.

Have you checked the TT store........ :naughty:

try I got mine ther for 50.00 a while back

I got mine at the local shop for 50 buck front and the same for the rear.

What bike is it going to be on? A XR600 or XR650? If so I have tried the front and rear 606's on my 650 and the traction was terrible. I also tried D739at dirt tire and it was better but wore fast. Then I came across the TeraFlex 150/90 and it is the best tire made in my opinion. If your looking for performance this is the tire. I have over 550 miles on and off road with it, and there is barely any wear. It is DOT approved and can be found at Chaparral Motorsports. Check it out. 1-800-841-2960. Also at

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