poping tires! What to do?

On my sisters xr 70 we have poped at least 5 or 6 tubes.We never have replaced the tire. Do we need to just keep replacing tubes. I need a link of the place with the numbers and such to buy the tire and tube for stock. While Im at it I might get a rev box how are yall liking them. Is it worth my money, do I need to rejet? What power will I gain mps on top? Bottom end?


when you say the tire popped, do you mean that the valve stem is torn off?

Small tires need more air. You are probably getting pinch flats. How much air do you run?

yup, may want to get some aftermarket rims or atleast a rimlock.

cdis are near useless for motors with the stock cam, the valvetrain is more limiting to the engine than the electrical system. the only gains that will be felt if from the slight advancment in the timing they provide. hardly worth 50$ but the www.hondatrailbikes.com box is well priced.

if there is no rim tape the tube could be getting torn on the spoke heads on the wheel inside. If this is the case get a new rim tape.

The threads of the spokes might be sticking out of the nipples causing the tyre to tear, in which case file them. This is common on mountain bikes but on motorcycle wheels i aint too sure.

hope this helps in some way

I think I run high enough psi but my tubes pop. I dont know what does it but I think its rocks. or something.

What psi do you run?

It could be not running enough PSI, which could pinch your tube or caused your valve stem to be ripped off. Also, you don't need the rubber rim thing, just use some duct tape. This way you can put a little more on AND it is thicker. Works a little better.

I had this same problem on my fifty with stock tires evn with enough air in em. I got a rim lock and now I can even run it low and it won't pop. A rim lock would be your best bet, they're cheap, (like 10 bucks) and easy to install too.

Okay Im ordering a rim lock and a new tude!

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