Race saturday?

Was there or was there not a race this weekend? sucky espn didn't air it if there was. thanks. CMACK

ya there was and i was pissed espn didnt air it!! umm bubba won the 250 class, ricky got 3rd and reed got 4th!!

they did air it at 10 eastern time last night

They had Poker Championships on the guide, but SX was on.

yeah, it was def. on, because i watched it. Man Ivan Tedesco got his ass handed to him in them woops. Every time he went through, he would slow way down and put his feet down at the end. What place did RC get? When is the next Supercross on?

I don't know what ESPNs problem is. But it was on and listed as US Poker or something. RC got 3rd.

I feel bad for RC...he takes some crap on here, but he truly is a great rider. I'm sure he cries at night, though, and secretly wishes for bubba to injure himself again.

I think he crys his way to the bank and his next championship too!!

RC is still over 25 points in the lead for his next SX tital. :naughty:

Um, news flash ESPN2 did air it cause I watched it 10-midnight EST

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