Fork swap

I just installed the Red Baron chromoly fork lowers with new bushings and after a little riding I noticed the alignment was tweaked. The only thing I can think of is the problem is when the new lowers went in I had to twist 'em slightly to get the axle and wheel back on. Any ideas? The fork slop is gone with those new bushings and also what are the bolts on top of the clamp supposed to be torqued at?

Alignment of the tire?? or the flat part of the leg??? Actually, either one is no big deal if the leg is off a bit or if the forks tweaked and the tire is crooked but the forks only tweak if you crash and the bike nose dives. For a while one of my legs was almost parralell with the handle bars. My forks just flexed after a crash and the tire was a little wack(a little "NUDGE" with a rubber hammer fixed that :naughty: ) You don't really have to torque the top bolts to a specific setting just really tight, but not to where you're straining yourself.

make sure the spring caps are seated correctly into the notch in the top of the forks. u want those 14mm bolts tight enough to not come loose.

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