How many hours should I put on my stock engine before changing engine componets

How many hours should I put on my stock engine before changing engine componets like valves,springs,cam chain ect. what all will need changing I would hate to end up blowing up my engine. :naughty::naughty:

Check the valve adjustment after break in, and check all the nuts and bolts for the right torque specs..

i would like to know the correct ammount of hours.

but when your valve clearances go out of spec pretty quick, that is a sign of needing new valves.

There are lots of variables to consider which will determine how soon you should rebuild the top end. How hard you ride and how you maintain the bike will determine this. I recently rebuilt my son's '05 which had a total of 47 hours on the engine meter. The bike had 12 races (125C level) and lots of practice time. We adjusted the valves after the first 12 hours and only the intake side had tightened up. We checked the valves again at 30 hours and neither intake or exhaust needed any re-shimming. The bike rarely ever saw the rev limiter, the oil and oil filter was changed after every race or 2-3 hours of practice time. Air filter cleaned after every day session (race or practice). We replaced the piston,rings,wrist pin, in & ex valves, collets and valve guide seals with OEM Suzuki parts. The original buckets all looked like new with no signs of wear so we kept them. We replaced the intake and exhaust valve springs and intake cam with a CROWER POWER ( G4 set up including head porting. The bike is now better than new and runs much stronger than stock with the mods. We also run VP U-4 to race and C12 to practice. The performance increase is very noticeable. Also, CROWER adjusts the valves a little looser than stock which helps with the valve life. We expect another 50 hours of reliability before we retire the bike for an '06 model.

If you want a more simple ansewer i would say 20-30 hours A-B rider, 30-50 C-vet

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