45 miles on stock crf250r?

Doing poker run and Isde this weekend and need to ride 45 miles before being able to fuel up. Will I make it or be pushing? Thanks for any help.

You'll make it easy.

I think the average is 30-35 MPG

hell make it easy, yet u say the avg is 30-35

Maybe if you ride like grandma you'll get 30-35mpg.

I can squeeze about 45-50 out of a stock tank.

OO MPG not total, nvm i gotcha

I did a search and that looked like everyone was saying. I would listen to Throttlejockey he would know

water bottle of gas in camelbacl?

water bottle of gas in camelbacl?

Just don't forget and take a drink. :naughty:

Thanks for the quick replies. I didn't want to buy an oversize tank anyways.

If i run out, I'll let you know though. :naughty:

I picked up an X tank and removed the white plastic tube on the filler opening and now have almost 2.6 gal capacity. Ususally you can find them at a reasonable price. Just enough gas and the tank isn't obstrusive.

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