Help, WR426 is running rough, what is it?

I just broke out my 02 WR426 from the garage. It ran great when I shut it off in November. It starts and runs well but seems to be sporatically "missing". As I hold the throttle in 2nd or 3rd gear it lurches forward and back like it is having a hard time getting a stable fuel/air mixture.

I was wondering if I had bad gas, condensation, or bad plug as an easy fix. Does anyone recommend some tips?

I would clean the carb and change the oil, clean the air filter, and flush the tank with fresh gas as well as putting in a new plug. You may also want to check your valves.


I was on the same track, I will grab a new plug, oil, and fresh 93 Octane gas. I am uncomfortable pulling the carb and cleaning/float bowl since I have never done such a thing. But I gotta try the basics before hauling it in to a dealer. Thanks again.

Pulling of the carb and opening the bottom to get access to the bowl is pretty easy. Just use your manual, note where the wires connect (or take pictures if you are really unsure). Find a clean surface to work on. The throttle cable is easy to unmount... You can do that within an hour I'd guess.

I agree with previous suggestions. If you haven't cleaned your air filter, flush with new gaz and changed the plug, I would try that first. Then the carb.


Tonight, I did all of it. I change the oil, put on a new UNI filter with fresh oil, put in a new stock plug, drained the gas and put in 92 Octane. And then... I couldn't get it started. There was a little puddle of gas draining out from the carb hose. It came to life initially then died, and almost came to life a couple more times using the red hot start pull out on the carb. It may have been flooded or having trouble with the new plug? But I gave up discouraged after 15 min of cranking and a sore foot. Now I am thinking carb clean if it doesn't start tomorrow. Any thoughts?

Stuck float? Sounds like the trouble may be in the carb. Time to roll up the sleeves get your manual and go to work.

Don't be afraid of your carb. Just take your time and have the manual handy.

Good luck let us know how it turns out.

Well, last night I rolled up the sleeves, got out the manual, and struggled through the carb removal. After alot of aggravation (2 hours), I removed the bowl, sprayed the whole thing down with carb cleaner, air hose, and put it back together. 10pm last night I was ripping through the neighborhood! Running strong! Must have just needed a good blowing out!

Many thanks for your advice!

I removed the carb, cleaned it, runs great! Thank you for your help!

I'm happy to hear that! What a mechanic!

Oh and by the way, never kick this bike 15 minutes... it's useless. Honestly what would have you learned by seeing it starting after 10 minutes of kicking? :naughty: If it does not fire up in 2 minutes at the most it's because there is a problem.

Have fun now!

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