Shinko sm tires?

Shinko is coming out with a sm tire. Here is what I know about it. Full slick, radial construction, aramid belting, soft rubber, H rated. Fronts in 120/70-17 and rears in 150 and 160/60-17. Retail of about $100 for a front and $125 for a rear. Should be out around May from what I am told.

thats what ive heard, baconCRF has a set on the way and im sure he will give us a true report on performance, >$200 for a set is a great deal if they dont suck.

yep... my set should be here from my WPS rep around the end of may, begining of june. my cost is going to be about half of what they retail for but still, $200 is a hell of a deal. ill be sure to post what i find out


Who is the importer or distributor?

Any local dealer should be able to get them as WPS (western power sports) is a distributor for Shinko. I think there are a couple other distributors for their stuff as well. They are not in the 05 catalogs because it is a brand new item, so they would have to call them. From what I know, shinko is old yokohama technology (they bought some of their molds) and now they are developing many of their own tires.

smrscott call up Pete at MotoMan in Montclair Ca, He does Shinko tires and is the importer for TM. I know he has a couple supermoto bikes in the crate. We have some in stock at the shop I work at and have already sold one. Oh yeah they have "DOT" on the side wall :naughty:

those arent them... they have been offering those for quite some time now. the supermoto specific tire is a pure slick and should be out in about 2-3 weeks.


Yep, that is them. They just became available.

Shinko started life in Japan and now is a Koren made product. The sport radials and SM slicks are said to be made from some pretty old Yokohama molds dating back some 10 or so years.

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