getting tire/tube back on

i had a post a while back about getting a tire off to change the tube.. well tonight i got the new tube and i got one side of the tire back on the rim, put the tube in and was working on getting the other side of the tire on.. i only had about 5 inches to go.. and for some reason i got the urge to go blow up the tube one more time to make sure i hadn't popped it.. sure enough i had ripped it also some time or another. i only had about 5 more inches to go and i would be done... are tire irons really what i need :naughty:

Good tire irons are worth a lot more than they cost.

Y,es you should use tire irons, or round the end off a prybar, etc. When you put the tube in I find it is much easier and less risky if the tube is completely deflated. if you are using a new tube it's already there, if your reuseing a tube than you should remove the shrader valve inside the valve stem to get help get all the air out. You can buy the tool from any auto parts store for $2, some valve stem caps have them built in to the top of them. Also use talcum powder or whatever's handy and dust the tube. This acts as a dry lubricant and will help keep it from pinching. When you put the tire back on use soapy water around the bead to help it slide on; keep the bead in drop center (the deep part in the middle of the rim). Don't tighten the valve stem nut or the rim lock until you have the tire completely on and aired up. Also make sure the bead is fully seated by looking at the little line right above the rim, it should be even all the way around. I usually have to air the tire up to about 30-35 psi. before it's all even, tighten the rim lock, air it down to where you want it and you should be set. If the tube has air in it you will probably pinch it, unless your really good at changing tires, or lucky.

You really will beat this yet, well done for sticking with it, lesser mortals would have cried off and drove to the bike shop, stick with it, they do get easier :naughty:

Get a set of 8" tire irons, less chance of nipping a tube.

When you go put the tube back in, slightly inflate it, just enough to give it shape also talcum powder the tube.

Inflating the tube slightly will help if you should touch it with a tire iron then it will glance off it, the talcum powder helps with that too and also lets you rotate the tube if you have to straighten the valve stem.

When you get to the last part of the tire again, remember it should take only a little leverage to get that tire on if you apply a little WD-40 on the bead to help it slide over and "REMEMBER" to press the opposite side of the bead into the drop center of the rim with you knees, that is the trick to it.

Remember these diagrams on the first post, it is equally important on refitting your tire.

Good luck.



all those diagrams helped a lot for getting the tire off.. but i cant seem to gett the tire back on.. ive got one side on, the tube in, valve stem through the hole, and i can get about all but 8 inches of the other side on untill it gets really hard :naughty:

lube it up, and start liftin weights :naughty:

The last 8" are the most difficult, be careful not to pinch the tube or force it and damage the bead.

You should have a little air in the tube, it won't get pinched as easy then, not too much though, just enough to give it shape.

Lube the bead with WD40

Remember this diagram


Notice when the tire bead in the diagram is down in the wheel center, that point is closer to the bead being levered, it will go on easier.

Lube the bead and lever small bites of the bead at a time.

whoooooooohoooo.. i finally got the tire back on. i still have one more delima though. it seated good except for where the rip lock is. does the rimlock go inbetween the bead and the rim or what :naughty: the rimlock is sort of poking out between the tire and the rim so the tire cant seat. do i need to push the rim lock up so this isn't happening :naughty:

thanks sooo much for all yalls help :D

The rimlock should not be showing, let the air out and push the rimlock up into the tire.

Spray some WD40 on the bead and inflate the tire to 20-25 PSI and the bead should seat.

When you get the bead seated and the tire pressure set to the correct psi, then tighten the rim-lock.

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