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Moab and SUWA Letter

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Here is the SUWA response the OHV community and what they think of our not wanting to support businesses who are anti-access. I think it is a slap in the face.


A huge thank you goes out to all our members in Colorado and Utah who sent emails and made phonecalls to Moab businesses regarding our open letter to Governor Huntsman. More than 100 Utah business owners signed the letter that appeared in a full-page ad in the Salt Lake Tribune on Sunday, March 27.

The ad clearly demonstrated the growing breadth of support for balanced management of our public lands. A few off-roaders in online discussion groups, alarmed by the long list of businesses, reacted to the non-confrontational letter by targeting the most mainstream supporters for a retaliatory boycott. It was highly effective when these businesses, who rely in no small part on tourism revenues, also heard from folks who supported their stand for the land.

Most of the businesses who signed on to the open letter to the governor reported that an overwhelming majority of the comments they received from the public were favorable. This has made a huge impression! Word is spreading that taking a public stand to protect the land can be good for business--even in conservative southern Utah. Rest assured that the impact of your emails and phone calls will be felt for months and years ahead as we continue to expand grassroots for balanced public lands management.

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