Definetly worth the $$ and effort.

Some of you may recall that when I joined this board, I was not particularly impressed with the power output of my stock DRZ400S. :D Last fall, I installed 14/47 gearing, which made the bike much more suited to the 90% off road riding I do. Still unhappy however, I read numerous threads about the 3x3 mod, and various jetting options. During my winter maintenance program, I decided to install the DJ kit, and use the 140 main, with 25 pilot as recommended by burned and others.

Yesterday, I rode the bike for the first time since making these changes. I noticed an improved throttle response, and the engine sounds like it revs quicker. The bike does feel stronger, and will wheelie easier than it did before I made these mods. :naughty: There were some very greasy (wet clay) and muddy sections in our ride yesterday, and as I'm not an experienced off-road rider, I went down 4 or 5 times. :cry: When I went to restart the bike, I noticed it didn't fire up quite as easily as it did when stock. Maybe I need to make a small adjustment. :naughty: Any suggestions???

I also removed the insert from the exhaust can cap. The stock "tin can sound" is gone, and a real thumper sound has replaced it. :D

A 49 tooth rear sprocket is next on my list of changes, and there will probably be more mods this winter. Gonna spend this season becoming a better rider though, 'cause at 57, picking up this 300# bike can get to be a real chore.

My sincere thanks to burned, bronco, and all you folks for this very informative, and entertaining forum. :D:D

If the bike was only more difficult to start after being down, that is normal. Any bike with a carb will flood if layed on its side for more than a moment. If the bike is always harder to start, I suggest you wait for burned to chime in. He is the jetting guru here.

After a lay over hold the throttle wide open for the first few clugs of the starter in order to clear the intake and combustion chamber.

the bike will start much quicker and this saves the battery and starter.

Did you make any fuel screw adjustments when you rejetted? I agreed that it's probably just flooded..................... :naughty:

ya, fuel screw adjustment.

I hear what you guys are saying about the possibility of the carb getting flooded. The bike starts very easily and quickly when cold, and under normal operating conditions. :naughty:

My memories of starting the bike after a drop last year, tell me that all I did was hit the starter button without giving it any gas, and the engine would fire after turning over 2 or 3 times. When I tried using the same technique this year, the bike wouldn't fire until I cracked the throttle after letting it turn over a few times. On one attempted restart, when I gave it gas after letting it crank over a few times, the engine died. :naughty: Perhaps I should try holding the throttle wide open before I hit the start button as was suggested.

Fuel screw is set at 2.5 turns out.

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