going to conv cr 80 to a xr 200 and need help!!!

Ok i have a cr 80 and i'm going to get a xr 200 motor and want to switch them out how much frame mods will need to be done and how hard is it going to be? I have a bit more than the average metal man does so it shouldn't be to much trouble but getting the sprokects lined up and the sprocket close to the axle hole is what troubles me so any help would be gladly taken along with pics.


Doing the xr200/cr80 conversion is alittle more work the the 100.

You can do a search on the this forum to find alot of good info. There are some really talented peeps around here that come up with some great ideas. They provide pics as well.

You can checkout www.socalxrs.com

you can check out my conversion pics at www.4tech1.com (scroll to the bottom of page)

also ACS(member name) has a site with some pics on it.

That will get you started. :naughty:

Welcome to TT by the way.

Is there any way to take like the bottom half of the xr 200 frame and replace it with the cr 80 frame? and also is there a company that could make a frame for it?

Hey, I am pulling my engine out and my complete, very trick, BBR complete chassis is for sale. Just add your engine. $5K

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