Te450 vs Te510

How much more motor is there?

Top speed?

Low End?

Thanks for any info.

I have riden an 04 TE 450 and I own an 05 TE-510. The bikes are very simliar feeling. They are both large bore x short stroke designs with the 510 having a longer stroke then the 450. Some say that translates into more bottem end for the 510. I find the TE-510 very manageable in all gears, just it has more power simply stated then the 450.

One time I was straddling over my bike trying to power walk it out of a deep soft soil rut I was stopped in. I was feathering the clutch and accidently let out the clutch at the same instant I hit the thotttle, the bike leaped out of my hands jumped about 2 feet in front of me turned from the last grasp of my hand and leaped striaght up in the air about 3 feet off the ground 180 degrees straight up like a rocket ship.

THAT is the big boy 510 for ya. manageable power as long as you stay on the bike :naughty: that 04 Te-450 wouldn't have leaped up like that.

The 510 is actually 500ccs.

I don't know about the TEs but the SM510R has a little more midrange than the SM450R and perhaps a tad bit more up top. I could care less about bottom end power because I don't use it and would be more than willing to go "gutless" on the bottom for more top end and greater willingness to wind out. Speaking of winding out: I saw 96 mph mid corner, top gear, keeled way over and pegged-out on my Veypor's speedo today. I'm going to gear my bike taller.

I can also add that in 90% of woods and tigheter off road trails riding my 510 feels at home, but in the level tree to tree qucik bermed left trun right turn stuff something feels like a 450 would be more at home there, like the 510 is too much power for that float thru the trees stuff, but then the low gear rocky ruts and enduro tight stuff as well as the more open play ride woods stuff it feels fine and I love the power as needed for any hill or other climbing tasks.

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