OT - 1979 DT175 no spark...burned?

Bike just stalled on the trail...its my gf's bike.

Just had the stator replaced at the shop. Was running perfect untill it just died going downhill on a fire road. Luckily it was the last one and truck was at the bottom. Spent the rest of the hill trying to bump start. When i got the bottom, pulled the plug (seems good colour) and pressed against the frame..no spark.

I pulled off the plug cap and held the wire near the frame..no spark. I took off the headlight thing where the wire bundle is and followed the switch in. used the multimeter...switch goes from open to short like it should.

I assuming since it was running perfect then nothing its somehting just shorting out somewhere? I guess ill have to take it to a shop since the problem seems to go beyond my meagre abilities for mechanics.

UNLESS you have any advice on stuff i can try ?

OH, when you pump the kickstand, the headlight comes on as per normal..just no spark.

Thanks again burned..and/or whoever helps! :naughty:

79 Yamaha DT175. Must be electronic ignition by then, right? Or does it still have points? Yamaha electronic ignition is famous for failed ignition pick up coil. I believe it is separately replaceable.

Noble,I believe 77 the DT went to electronic ign..

Hmm cool okay..I wonder if this is the problem. Is there a way to find out ? I dont exactly have another one for a swap. Would this problem cause the bike go from running perfec to not running at all ?

Thanks noble.

Yea if the pick up coil dies the bike will just stop running. I dont think you can do anything about it or cheat it to get the bike running. If the head light is lighting when you kick the bike over that is a good sign the problem is in the ignition system.

I rode a lot of Yamahas and they always have had some coil problems. That's where I used to check first. prairiedawg :D:naughty::naughty:

ive replaced many cdi's on those.

do you have a local bike wrecker?they will usually let you try the box in their presence befor eoyu buy it.

Yeah there is a kind of 'pick a part' for bikes. Maybe they have a similar year yamaha.

Burned have you known the oil mixing system to fail? Kind of worries me..not like the bike is worth much but I'd still rather not have it seize up on me.

Thanks again you guys.

ive never seen pump fail.i have seen them run out of oil then the pump never bled.that leads to motor problems as it cant pump air.

ive never seen pump fail.i have seen them run out of oil then the pump never bled.that leads to motor problems as it cant pump air.

Great, that eases my mind. I wont be running out of oil. Thanks.

I agree 100% with the oil I had a 500 Titan I spent the most perfect summer of my life on. I rode that bike unmericifully. I made sure the oil injector was always full and I used good 2 stroke oil. Back then Hi-Point was considered the best. It was always full and this bike wore out 6 chains 3 sets of sprockets 1 set of points and 1 set of spark plugs. I was on it from when I awoke till i couldn't stay awake. It crisscrossed the USA many times. While my head healed from Nam. No I wasn't injured at least where you could see it. I was injured inside. That sweet running twin helped me come back to life. From there back to reality. I never underestimate the power a bike has over me. I've heled from every major thing from my dad dying to my own killing on the back of a bike. I can't think of a place I feel safer at than there. prairiedawg :naughty:

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