TTR-225 Questions???

Well I'm coming to you guys again with my questions, since you guys are the experts on this stuff.

I just purchased a used TTR 225 for my wife. It needs a little fixing up to make it look new. I need to know where to get the front Shrouds (Each side of the tank) and a new front fender and all new graphics. Can anyone here tell me where to get these things. I'd like to order everything at one place, but I'll order seperately if I have to.

Thanks All in advance,


PS: Now I just have to teach her to ride!!!!!!!!! That should be fun.

When you go to replace the front fender, get one off a a YZ125/250. all you have to do is drill 2 extra holes in the top and cut the back of the fender for clearence, about an inch or 2 will do. It makes one hell of a difference!

Why bother making a dirt bike look nice. It is supposed to be scratched up and dirty.

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