110 Big bore kits ?

I just sold the CRF80 and plan on getting another 110 for the kids, are the big bore kits reliable ? or should I just add a pipe and forget it? I'm looking for more power, and maybe the BBR suspension.. I'm just wondering if it will be to stiff for a aggressive 10 year old ?

Big bore is a must for power, I've had no problems with mine. BBR suspension?? Which one $2500 suspension, Damper rods, or springs?

I was looking at the BBR Pro Link type suspension.. 1199 Plus dampening rods up front.. it's just a 65lb kid riding it.. not for me.... But he is bottoming the bike out regularly.. so I need to do something... I didn't think stiffer springs alone would help much,, but maybe I'm wrong.

what's the opinions on just adding springs versus going BBR, for a 10 year old, trail riding mainly, play riding on MX tracks.

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