BikeDestroyer lives up to her name

Well here's my ride report on my first Trials event experience.

I got up at 4 a.m. to leave for Prescott on Sunday. Get there and meet some folks from NM. One guy takes me under his wing and we go practice turns. I go sign up "Novice" and attend the riders meeting. I hooked up with a small group of guys and head out with them to start at Section 5.

Section #5...We walk our lines and I watch a few go before I attempt it. It was threw and across some pretty good size boulders, but nothing that I wouldn't do on my YZ250. I go and dab 3 times. I learned from this that I went way too fast through the section. Next section I vow to take my time.

Section #6 This one has some really tight turns and up through some boulders..again nothing I haven't done on the YZ. We walk our lines and I watch a few guys go. Everyone dabbed at least 3 times. On a tight turn before going up a boulder is where they all dabbed once....After seeing this I was going to put my turning practice to work. I take off 1st 2 turns go great now the 3rd turn that was tight...I make it but not tight enough to miss having to go up the boulder. I went up the boulder and my front end came up (man those trials bikes have traction)! I panicked and literally threw my bike away. I owned up to my name BikeDestroyer because when I picked up the bike the shifter was twisted and bent into the clutch cover which was broken and leaking oil. Great my day's done!

Nope! I start my bike and race back to the pits. I find Mike @ Hard Rock Trials and see if he can fix me up. Lo and behold he had both parts that I destroyed. He replaced them in record time and I was off again. I raced back and started Section 7. By this time the group I was with was long gone. I was on my own.

Section #7....This was pretty cool over a boulder next to a tree and down around and over some more boulders. Everyone I saw dabbed once by the tree....I was no exception. I ended up dabbing 2 times through this section...not too bad I'll do better next time.

Section #8 & #9 were together (go thru one section and immediately start the next section)

I watch some people and then proceed. I make it around a boulder at an was an off camber downhill tight left turn (on pine needles). I ended up dabbing at the turn because my clutch was dragging and when I had the clutch pulled in I kept inching forward. I go up and over a knee high rock and around a tree then out of bounds (clutch dragging again). Section 9 then starts go up a big boulder left turn and up some other rocks and down the boulder thru the trees and right out to the finish. I zero'd my first section! I only have 22 more sections to go. 9 sections 3 times.

To be continued

Cool! Glad you had a good time and didn't end your day on a sour note! :naughty:

:D:naughty::D I LOVE it!!!! Great report, I know exactly what you are talking about.. Thanks a bunch!! Can't wait till the rest of the report!!! :naughty:

I remember my first trials back in July 1975... I didn't want to ride it but my friend convinced me to try just one event... WOW!!! THAT WAS FUN!!! And so I was hooked.. :D:cry:

Great report Brenda! Where's....................................................the rest of the story? :naughty:

Awesome :naughty: Great read :naughty:

I met up with my friend Mark who actually got me hooked on trials and told him my clutch was dragging. He got a wrench and adjusted it and it worked much better.

Section #1....this was a pretty tough section to not dab on. Again nothing I wouldn't do on the YZ, but to do it (any of these sections) without dabbing is the challenge. Go up a little boulder about knee high with big boulder on the left and a few basketball size ones on the right left between a few rocks and around a tree then up a crevice between two huge boulders. I scrapped my footpegs every time and dabbed too...I hated this section. Hard right hander and then a tight left hander then right out thru the section. I scored 3 everytime.

Section #2....this was one of the easiest sections for me. I zero'd it 2 times and 1 dab the other time. Over a downed tree, downhill across a little stream, up hill right turn over 2 trees at an angle right turn down hill and left in the creek then up an off camber bank out of the creek right out thru check.

Section #3...this was another easy section. Start out in creek bed right turn up hill at an angle, left turn, right turn, left turn thru trees then a hard left off camber turn downhill then left around a tree and down a big rock then right down the hill and out of the section. I zero'd this section 2 times and one point once.

Section #4...This was another difficult section like #1. Big boulders. Take off left turn ride along a huge boulder, go over couple of big rocks and tree on the right then hard left hand turn, I always dabbed here because I'd lose my balance going over the rocks and then having to make the hard left turn. Thru 2 huge boulders almost scraping the foot pegs then up and over another large boulder....this one scared me the first time. I went up it fine, but when I went to come down the other side I panicked and tried to sit down (ouch these things don't have seats). There was a small tree on the left that you had to avoid and if you went too far to the right the drop off was enough that you could possibly endo. Had to go off the boulder at an angle. What I am finding is I have to trust that these trials tires will stick to these boulders....I keep thinking that I'm going to slide where I don't want to go.

Ok I finish my first loop and I'm still in one piece...I'm fired up and I want to do better 2nd time around.

Section # 5 I do much better and dab 2 times cool....I felt good. Third time around I dab only once....Yeah...I'm really starting to like this. The girl that was doing the scoring at that section said (jokingly of course) that they were going to have to move me up pretty soon! LOL

Section # 6 the one that cost me $$$ and actually ended up being my favorite section. I met up with another trials riding woman just before she took off and we chatted for a bit....she'd been riding trials for 30 years. I studied her line choice very carefully. She zero'd this section that ate me alive earlier....WOW I was impressed. I'm going to try and mimick what she did. I cleaned the area where I crashed before...Cool....Then i ran into the little tree we were supposed to go around...Dang. Third time through though I'm happy to say I finally conquered this section....Yes I ZERO'D it. That in itself just made my day!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful....I zero'd a some more sections and was able to go through some other sections easier than before. Everyone there was so helpful and gave me advice. And it wasn't just advice it was good advice that actually got me through a section better than before.

I can't wait to practice more and learn all the things I don't know. I'm really looking forward to more trials events in the future. I met some of the most wonderful people in the motorcycle industry. I think the off-road and trials people are the best!

:naughty: Thanks for that detailed report! Amazing how well you remember each section after one of those events.. But you get to study them so carefully and then ride them 3 times so you can't help but remember them... The fun part will be when you go back and ride the same lines next year and laugh at how easy they have become.. :D

Each person will develop a way to walk the section.. What I do is walk carefully through identifying every marker and turn until I'm at the end and know the intended route.. Then I walk back about 20 to 50 feet and take a careful look at where I will want to be. Then I walk back another 20 to 50 feet and turn around and look again, connecting this next piece into the last in my mind and so on until I have broken the section down into sub-sections and I am now at the beginning ready to ride... That way, I have reviewed the parts that are the most distant, the most times and now I have a full picture and have not forgotten what happens at the end.

I'll never forget the time that I walked a section quickly and then came back to a very difficult part near the beginning that everyone was having trouble with.. I studied it and worried over it and studdied it some more. Watched people fail and take dabs all over the place.. I didn't think I would be able to get through it. Finally it was my turn and to my amazement, I cleaned it!!! :D:D ... BUT... I forgot where the rest of the section went after that bad spot and ended up taking two dumb dabs in the easy part!!! ARRRGGHHH!!! :naughty: But I never did that again!

My Fiancee will be arriving from Thailand in about 2 months and she wants her own Trials Bike too.. I'm very happy to see that there are ladies here on TT that she will be able to relate to when she gets into it. I'll be looking for a Gas Gas 200 Pro for her soon.. Much easier to start.

Thanks again for the story. :cry:

I hope your fiancee enjoys riding as much as I do....It's just so refreshing...recharges the batteries so to speak!

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