Your opinion on XL600R

I've been looking into XL600s lately, because I'm going to buy a street legal bike in a month or so to save gas $. I'm 6'1, and 190 lbs., I've been riding for several years (I ride about two hours every day in the summer), so I think I can handle the power. I have a trail bike, a KLX 300 that I love for the trails, so this will be probably 50 percent town, 30 percent fire roads, and 20 percent highway/freeway. When I say fire roads, I'll probably be going around 50-60 mph on rough dirt roads. I'm wondering if you reccomend something different for what I'm doing. My budget is $1200, and the years I was looking at were between 1985 and 1987. I'm not sure if it would be better for me to buy a converted XR600, or just go with an XL. Any suggestions or other reccomended bikes? BTW, I HATE working on my bikes, so the more reliable the better.



I have a friend who owns an '86 XL600, he's had it for many years, good reliable bike. You don't have to worry about the power, it's mellow.

'85 and '86 bikes have the dual carb setup, be aware of that. Not sure of the '87.

If you find one in great shape that won't require any work, expect to pay at least 1800, on up to around 2300, depending on mileage. You could be hard pressed to find one for 1200 that doesn't need some work.

Good luck!


Had an 87 and it too had the dual carbs. Power to me seems almost the same between the 87 XL600R and the new XR650L, 650L seems to have a bit more torque and broader power but a little flat in the middle. But then again mine is new (300 miles on it) and still corked.

I have an 87 XR600 that I bought last January for $500. I've been flogging it every weekend since and have had zero problems with it. If you can find one cheap that still is decent condition I say jump on it.

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