Kinda O/T Ninja 500 Problems

My buddy bought a 99 Ninja 500 used, or used and abused i should say, it has a really bad knocking going on in the heads, but right now the problem is the battery is toast, but i can start the bike with a charger on it, but the instant i take the charger off of it, it dies. Is there possibly something wrong with the stator/charging system too? :naughty:


The charging systems of most motorcycles are the same. If you read the posts on DRZ400 charging systems and test procedures -- same thing. Components are located in different places on the bike but electrically, all the same.

Dould easily be just that or a dead cell in the battery will leave you scratching your head too. Damn electronics drive me nuts. Get some testers and start testing. Don't have to pay a lot for them those can come from Harbor Freight. as long as they light up when there is juice. prairiedawg :naughty:

Replace the battery. The charge system on sportbikes is not like cars they dont start charging until high RPM. Save your self an ulcer hit walmart and drop $30 on a batt then dig into the head noise

make sure you do the charging system check with a good battery.

those bikes sound like garbage if the carbs are plugged up or the carbs are way out fo sync.

but they also had lots of crank/rod troubles.

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