What would you sell my bike for?

I'm thinking of getting something new so I have to sell the DRZ :naughty:

The problem is I have so much into it that I don't have an idea of what to price it at. Hope you guys and girls can help.

What it is and has:

2001 drz400 kicker

(Average condition, some scratches and small dents but nothing major)

Race Tech Gold Valves front and back

Hot Cam intake

Devol rad. guards

FMF power bomb and Q exhaust

Applied top triple clamp

IMS foot pegs

Trail Tech computer

Pro Taper SE bars

SS reuseable oil filter

and some other new things like:

Xring chain and steel sprockets, grips, tires, front and rear wheel bearings, linkage bearings, tires, brakes, Tusk handguards, and plastics.

oil changed every 100 miles and filter cleaned every 200.

Any advice (other than keeping it) is appreciated


I will give you 100$ what is your paypal address........

Actually to be serious I have no input on value for a kicker. I have only seen one once they are rare in these parts

And I am still waiting on that paypal address!!!

Aftermarket accessories don't really mean much when selling a bike. You'd probably get more money if you took some of that stuff off and sold it on eBay.

damn money pit :naughty:

just get another bike.. :naughty: :naughty: :D

also, this will be sold localy in a small town so the better it sounds, the more I'll get and I don't even know what base value is around me. I think I have seen a total of a dozen drzs since I started riding so I can't compare prices.

Honestly you could get more for the E model but if it isn't nothing but scratches you should be able to sell it for 3 grand anyways. prairiedawg :naughty:

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