Help on my 05' 50

On ebay and other Honda stores, their parts (most of there parts) say 2000 xr 50 - 2004 crf 50. Since it says (2004) crf 50, would that fit my '05 crf 50.

Oh, and I'm thinking of buying the TB BBK 88cc w/ 20mm carb for 255.99$+ S&H, or I'm kinda leaning torward 155.00$ 88ccbbk and then buying a 24mm carb.

You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you put a 24mm carb on a 88 stock head or hell even a race head as it will run like shit, way to big. The kit comes with a 20mm carb for a reason.

Jester took the words right out of my mouth.

They will fit. The reason for it saying XR to CRF is honda changed them to a CRF instead of a XR. :naughty:

I mean sence it says it would go to 2000-2004, but will '04 50 stuff fit '05 50 stuff?

i agree!! most engine stuff works all the way back to 84!!

They really havn't changed much on the 50's for quite a while, so I don't see why not

Yea itll fit.

if not go kill a neighbor.

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