Horsepower question?

Hey i was wondering about how much horsepower would I get with a stock '05 crf50 w/ 24mm carb :naughty:

you will probably lose power, that carb is wayyyy to huge for a stock 50 motor. put a 70 carb on it and you will still lose some bottom, but gain some top.

It wouldnt even run, the motor couldnt produce enough vaccum to pull the fuel through the carb.

Come on,How many times have I told you not to get that stinkin 24mm carb.Why do you want a 24mm anyway?

The 24mm carb would drown the stock motor. get a BBK with a larger carb.... Unless if you had a 100cc+ kit, you really shouldn't use anything larger than 20mm.... kinda pointless

Use the 24, or pour gas directly into the manifold, same thing...

I say, let him do it, lol. He'll find out what happens, lmfao.

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