98 wr carb questions

I have a 98 wr400 and have a few carb questions, first on the LH side of the carb there is a bypass valve or something that is between the hot start plunger and the intake - What really is it and what does it do? My 99YZ 400 does not have one. :naughty:

What is the starter jet for? Is it what controles the amount of fuel going through the enricher circuit when the knob is out? :naughty:

I have went through the carb a few times now and still have 6" flames that come out of the exhaust if I was to rev it up in neutral and then let off the throttle. It does not idle that great.

I am running

PJ 45

SJ 85

MJ 170

PAJ 75

MAJ 200

jet needle obdtm with the clip 3rd from the top

fuel screw at 2 turns out

I ride from 3000 to 6000 feet, the temp now is about 10 degrees C.

I have the fmf powercore and the airbox lid is on

the guy before me must have removed the throttle stop.

I don't know if the grey wire is hooked up or not?? :D

I have wr timing




post in the jetting section... your sure to get an answer there... :naughty:

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