crf 250 or the 450

hi, i am looking at getting a crf 250 or 450, i was wondering if there was a large differance in power between the two? thanks for all replies :naughty:

i was alos wondering would the crf 250/ 450 have as much zip or power as the kdx 220 with pipe and reeds?

bump for me too... i am currantly shopping, i hope to get something this weekend... i am leaning more twards the 450... but i am not totaly sure yet...

I have owned both .. and like the 250 a lot better. Much easier to handle, on the ground, or in the air.

I do not miss the power at all.

I only ride sx and small mx tracks that do not have a lot of high speed sections, or long straights, or uphills ( Florida)

Those are the areas where the extra HP will come in handy.

Also, if you are over 220 lbs .. I'd probably go with the 450.

Have fun ... either way :naughty:

I currently have both and I loved the 250 until I got the 450, now I have trouble riding the 250 as it seems to rev so slow. It seems like it takes for ever for the 250 to bulid power where the 450 has it on tap all of the time...

I am with speedfreak, I have owned both and don't miss my CRF450R one bit. It would be at an advantage on big hilly (think Glen Helen) type outdoor MX tracks and that is it! The 250 is way more flickable, carves better and is better in the air. If you do ANY tight trail riding FORGET about the 450. Nothing but smiles with my 250X! This thing will take the inside line all day over the 450!


'05 CRF250X

It depends alot on the rider as well, in addition to the terrain. I speak strictly from a motocross standpoint....I came off of a CRF450, with a killer engine courtesy of RHC. It was a blast but often, was a handful. Arm pump was an issue alot of the time even when I was in great shape.

I went down to the baby thumper, and I am not missing the 450 at all (well, not too much hehe). A decent rider can go fast on just about any bike, whether it be small bore of a 450. The 250F offers some things the 450 can't, such as better handling and cornering...lighter weight...and less tiring of a ride for a long rough moto. Lap times stay more consistent.

When I get into the rough part of the day or a killer rough bump infested lipped out track....I will take the 250F anyday, hands down. I can go deeper into the corners...get on the gas sooner....and stay in it longer. The increased corner speeds offset the power of the 450. And when it gets late in a moto and the rider is getting tired and the track is getting nasty, the power of the 450 can be a handful. I eat up 450's in the rough nasty stuff. I can stay on the gas longer and with less effort. Railing rough whooped out sweepers and berms is so much easier. The smaller engine has less reciprocating mass and that in turn makes the bike easier to keep leaned over when the throttle is opened instead of wanting to stand up on you. It takes less energy to work the bike as well.

The 450's however, will own the 250 is there are lots of big and long uphills or tons of deep sand. You just can't hardly beat a 15hp deficit when power is a premium. That being said, you need to ask yourself, are you serious about racing, do you want to only play ride, and how big a 'ole boy are ya? Can you really use the power of the 450 all of the time? I bet most riders would be surprised to find the 250F can offer faster lap times on most normal rough mx tracks. Weight is a consideration as well, I am 200lbs and for serious mx work, that's about as high as I would go weight wise...220lb guys should really get the 450 if you are racing mx....just my opinion of course.

If all I was doing is offroad play riding, I would get the 450F. But I am going to start racing again next month after my long layoff (injury) and I know I am going to do great on the 250F. I already proved to myself I can go faster at a couple of tracks on the 250F, by play racing guys that I am going to be racing next month. Everytime I go out I find a little more speed. I have a very fast friend, 250 expert class, that was racing YZ250 2-strokes for the past few years. He rode a friends YZ250F and was hooked. Immediately went and bought the baby thumper and is doing GREAT on it...just as fast as ever.

...the new 250F's are changing the way riders think about small bores... :naughty:

If you've gotten this far, you know how the racers feel! They love their crf250's. :naughty: If you go to the crf450 site, they will say the same things about their big bore motors- can't live without that power, weight's not an issue... :D The 450R weighs 10 lbs less than the 250X, so you can get a light 450, but it will always ride very different.

Some racers love their 2 smokes, more and more are being converted to this new breed of four strokes. I still see 2 smokes out on the trails around here. What to do? :cry:

The only way to really answer this question for yourself is to get a ride on both bikes. What works for us might not be exactly what you're wanting to do with your bike. Some race just for fun, some race to win. :D Some trail ride just for fun, some race everybody everywhere every minute! :D The dealers won't let you test ride, and you don't want to buy the wrong bike! Good luck. :naughty:

In my opinion, i would go with the crf250. It is much easier to handle and stay in control with. But then again, it all depends what kind of riding you do, your hieght and weight, etc... Good luck!!!!

why are people saying not to get the 450 for tight woods? it only weights 5lbs or so more than a cr250, which is what my buddy rides and he rips... so why no 450 woods bike? i can see the benefits of a smaller bike in the woods.. but where we ride your bike has to have balls... hills, mud/muck, ...

Boystoys makes a good point about bigger power in nasty mud. Does anyone have actual wet weights for a CRF450R vs CRF250X?

The 250's are easier to handle but are a good bit more work maintenance wise than a 450 because the engine internals are under so much stress. You have to answer to yourself wether the 250's are worth the extra maintenance you will have to put into it....the 250's are fun to ride,pain to maintain IMO.

But then again, the 250's have to rev a lot harder to get to half of the power the 450's are at. I agree with most, the 450 might be a bit more to handle in tight woods and trails but with the right modifications, (heavy flywheel & the right gearing) you can turn the 450R into a lethal trail/woods weapon.

I was in the same postion as you are in. I actually had a 450 on order and made the mistake of riding a crf250 a few times while waiting for mine to come in. Needless to say I purchased one a week later even though I was not 100% sure I was doing the right thing. Anyway 4 days of riding later my lap times are down, corner speeds up, and for once in my life I feel as though I can push the bike not the other way around. I'm 200-205 lbs and going to get under 200 soon and only c grade in ability so I have alot to learn. Last sat was the first time since I bought it I finally said "damn I love this bike" after I have done a heap more riding than before. But I do miss the 450 at times

hi, i am looking at getting a crf 250 or 450, i was wondering if there was a large differance in power between the two? thanks for all replies :naughty:

Yeah... there's a huge difference, but there's a place for both bikes and a nice meeting ground between them.

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