04 450 SX box

Hey has any1 had any problems with there ktm 450 gear boxes??? my third gears gone.....

Do you normally clutch when you shift? I have a bad habit of not clutching and I am scared I am going to teach myself an expensive lesson. :naughty:


'05 525 MXC

yeah i always slip the clutch when uphifting and use all the clutch when downshifting but i think hard hits in 3rd on jumps and landing under power doesnt help! yeah the modern fourstrokes have got light boxes but are putting out alot of torque so the clutch is essential i rekon

ive since had my bike stripped and the use of no clutch is the problem. Shift forks are worn, three gears have lost there hard facing and gone through my piston, the aliminium shift drum is worn, and my cam chian is worn as well.

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