Looking into the RMZ450

Right now.... i own a XR400. And plan on keeping it.But i really like the 450.I asked.And a few TT member's very helpfull. And some thought i was trying to just have a reason to change to SUZUKI and im not. WHAT i would like to know how wood's freindly are they. What mod's to make it a good trail bike. Should i wait till the 06 it here for update's and bug's worked out. Im sure the two bike's will get along just fine in the garage.Any info would be great ....... Thank's.

Well they are not designed to be Woods freindly! I ride a 03 yzf 450 and had a chance to ride a 05 RMZ-450 this past weekend. WOW Light, Fast, Nimble, Powerfull, GREAT clutch pull (my 03 sucks! very hard to pull). This bike is designed for one thing and one thing only...TO RACE MX/SX! If you are dead set on getting one I would get a heavier fly wheel, drop a tooth or two on the rear...or just by a DRZ and save the money.

I love my RMZ 450 in the trails! you can't go wrong with tall gearing and a rekluse cluch...... the RMZ 450 is the BEST!!!! :naughty:

I agree......

I mostly ride/race woods. I came off a WR450 and I think this RMZ is an outstanding woods weapon.

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