Picked up my new 650R !

New to me 01 pretty much all stock, Baja Designs kit and.....a plate!! :naughty:

I was looking at the cycle trader online and saw one for sale...it was fate..I found a decent, stock, plated bike in the exact same town in Oregon where I found my first used BRP allmost 4 years ago...and the price was right! :D

So now I get to go thru it and and check everything out. It seems to start easy and runs great, engine sounds really quiet and tight but it seemed a bit slow when I took it for a test ride...not sure if fully uncorked, has a drilled out exhaust tip. So since I was able to pick it up for a grand less than anything available in California I have some leftover in the budget for mods, so I ofcourse have a few questions!!

I am going to take it apart and lube the swingarm, steering head bearings and have my local moto guy service the forks and recharge the shock if need be, do the footpeg fix. Then I will start to add a couple things.

Any comments on where the best deal is on the following parts I may get..in no paticular order.

Suggestions on a decent, light exhaust that is not to loud..any comments on the Moriwaki?

triple/bar/damper set up, just get the whole kit from Scotts?

Edelbrok....possibly, best price?

Thanks for any advice, I will post some pics after I go thru it and get it all in shape!


I'm running the FMF Q not loud, Nice tone.......... :naughty:

I just installed a Edelbrock and its my favorite mod, It really woke up the BRP..


Thanks Frank. I checked the price on the Moriwaki and it is $439, the XR's Only full exhust which I had on my old BRP is over $500! I am mainly after a weight savings here and then performance...I liked the old XR's exhaust I had but it was very loud, does anyone have any experience with teh Moriwaki Zero..I know they make good products, have seen some of the RC51 exhaust and it is quality.

I have checked out the TT store here, but it is hard to navigate and doesnt seem well laid out...any suggestions on where to buy the bar/clamp/damper setup, also loking for the best price on a 4.6 gal tank.


A 4.6 tank is HUGE.

Get your peg fixed before you break it in the middle of nowhere!

Kritter, I just looked up the old thread on the footpeg...I will be pulling it either tonight or tommorow to send to you with $75. Could you please PM me with your contact info? Phone number maybe so I dont mess up the shipping or Paypal.

Regarding the tank, on my old 650R I had a large tank I bought second hand for a $100..I am pretty sure it was 4.6 ... maybe it was 4.3? :naughty: Either way I know I need a couple more gallons than stock. I believe my old tank was an IMS, I never had any problems with it as a dirt bike or after I 'tarded the bike.

What is the consensus here for best oversize tank, price, fit, capacity? :naughty:

EDIT: Kritter your PM box is full!!

Clarke has a 4.3 gallon tank. IMS has both a 3.2 and a 4.6 gallon tank. I liked my Clarke the best for fitment and color match, but like my IMS 3.2 best for its physical size which is narrower. My personal favorite for riding is the IMS 3.2, but if that's not enough capacity, then the Clarke 4.3 would be my next pick.

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