Engine Stalled, Twice!

So there I am riding along a dirt road and I shift into 5th. Within a few seconds the engine sputters and dies like it's run out of gas. I pull in the clutch and downshift. Dropping the clutch bump starts the bike but it dies again in about 2 seconds. After stopping I find nothing wrong and restart the bike a minute or two later. A few hours later the same thing happens. I restart the bike and have no idea what caused the stall.

Anybody got a clue :naughty::D:D:naughty::D

maybe water in the gas.

I read one about a guy with the same problem. Drove him nuts until he figured it out. It seems some water got into the electrical connections underneath the tank. He took each one apart and squirted both sides with WD-40 and put 'em back together. Problem solved.

See if your gas tank vent is breathing properly.

See if your gas tank vent is breathing properly.

Good thought.

one time that happened to me turned out all my gas was on one side of the tank, so there was gas in the tank but it still acted as if it was empty drove me crazy, to many right turns gota wach out for that.

Thanks for the replys. I'll check the connectors. Desert riding so I doubt water in the connectors but could be a bad connection.

Seemed to happen when I was in 4th or 5th, once on a dry lake bed and the other on a flat fire road. Gas, I think I had about a half gallon. Could have been something in the gas, it happened within 20 - 30 minutes of each other.

As per Murphy it happened with no discernible outside forces and when we were racing the sunset back to camp. The Honda 450 had run out of gas ( :naughty::D ) twice! My buddy on the WR 400 donated a little and I, having the most left :D:naughty: tossed in about 2 cups :D That got us to a station to fuel up. I still didn't need any $3 a gallon gas :cry:

So now our only concern was time. Being a newbie I became the factor. It didn't help a prior mistake in navigation put us 85 - 90 miles into what should have been a 45 - 50 mile trip. I was dead tired. Then to have my bike stall for no apparent reason put the icing on the cake.

Arriving at camp put the whole trip at 110 miles.

did you swich to your reserve because that lsat half a gallon isnt going to do anything if you dont.

The same thing happened to me not long ago, I unplugged the electrical connections and started the bike with the fuel off and let it run itself out. Havent had a problem since.

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