New Husky owner.. Need some tips

First off.. just got my TE-450 TODAY!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Ok.. I'm done.

I can't find where to check my oil level. Is there a Dipstick or a check screw/bolt? I'm too used to those damn Jap. bikes. Any help would be appreciated. Also I noticed I can integrate turn signals, brake light, and high and low beam. What do I need to complete this?? Other than turn signals.. I've heard all the wiring is there. Anyone done that to there TE450? I also noticed a small bulb on top corner of light fixture. Running light? Only wiring I see is for headlamp. Nothing going there. Do I need some wiring I don't have to make that work? I'm definatly putting a on/off switch in for my lights. No use burning them up with all that sunlight. Anyways any tips will help.. throw me your 2 cent


01 YZ 125 Smoker (Sold)

04 TE-450 Thumper (Brand Spankin New)

I forgot something.. The jetting seems a bit rich.. popin alot when I'm off the gas. Would that be a main, pilot, or neddle? Also which side is it easiest to get to carb? Left side seems more open for main to me... And I know there are many posts about break-in procedure but I have to ask. I will be using the break-in that was on another post in here somewhere. Get to running temp then Full throtle through 2-5 and lots of engine breaking. Anyone have any tips on breaking in? Anyone have something I shouldn't do when breakin in? I recieved no Owners Manual. You guys too? All online manuals?

OK.. ok.. one last question. What oils do you guys use? I'm sure its all personal preferance but I'd like to hear from you guys about oil and filters. Ok thats it.. When I think of another paragraph I'll let you guys know.

there is a plug on the right side (brake) that you open. Page 99 on your manual.

although the manual can be a bit difficult to follow at first, you'll get some great info. Tons of great info.

I use a synthetic blend. I think a full synthetic might be too slick for the clutch for the high HP of the big 4ts.

I believe in the get it hot and run it hard break in procedure.

Do you need turn signals for street legal in Minnisota? You do not in Montana. If not, why get them, you'll just tear them off.

I believe the extra bulb in the head light is for high beam. Iit is just not wire or maybe just not controlled on the US models.

I cannot help you on the '05 jetting. I can on the '04 with the Mikuni.

Have fun.

Now I realize you have an '04 TE450? If so, is it new with stock jetting? If so they were sent out lean on the main circuit. I'm up to a 190 main, stock needle in the 5th from the top positon, AP preload to zero. Check the other thread on jetting the '04s. My post has my settings. Runs like a bat out of hell.

Thx Ammo. Ya not sure if I need turn signals to be legal. I think I do though. Just seems to sputter at idle.. touch the throtle and it kills. Might move that needle clip one leaner.

Well, I'm not a "run it hard" break-in kinda guy, but that's a topic that's nearly started fights before! Everyone seems to have their own opinion on break-in. I do agree on LOTS of engine braking- very important. I'd use a non-synthetic or semi-synthetic for break-in too. It's pretty much been proven that a full synthetic will not allow the rings to seat like they need to. I like to run the non-syn for a good long time too, like around five hunderd miles. Just be sure to change oil often as the non-syn stuff breaks down quicker. After break-in I go to a full synthetic. I have heard of some streetbikes having clutch slippage problems due to synthetic oils. Sometimes a change to a different brand will cure it. My SM610R has no problem with synthetic, and it's an honest-to-goodness 59 rear wheel horsepower being put down with a race tire. No slippage. Don't think our 450's can touch that kind of hp and torque. As for oil, I like Motul myself.

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