Vortex x10 ignition

I just bought a vortex x10 ignition for my yamaha yz250f 2001, wich curve do i need to use if i want the maximum power from 9.000 rpm untill rev limiter ??

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I have one on my '03 yz250f, and I could really use an owner's manual for the thing. I've looked around for one, but no luck.

I've just bought mine (direct from manufacturer in OZ) for an 03 WR250 in the last two weeks. Maps/curves arent supplied with the unit - I'm guessing because they dont want others to copy them.

Do a thread search on the Vortex (dont know how to do the link) and you'll find that someone gave it a write up some time back describing all curves.

However... when comparing mine to the write up, the curves seem different. If yours is mapped similar to mine, it'll be:

1 - General MX, 2,3,4 - Traction, 5,6,7 - Power, 8 - Std YZ map, 9 - Std WR Map. Cant remember what "0" is.

All settings have the rev limiter upped from 12800 (std) to 13600 - on my model anyway!!!!

do the ignitions make a big difference?

I called MTracing.com, the distributor of the Vortex to just ask a few questions about my unit, and man, the guy acted like I was totally wasting his time on the phone. If I was to do over, I wouldn't buy a vortex just based on the terrible attitude the guy has. Seems like everyone I talk to in this industry is really cool and very helpful, this guy just wanted all this paperwork and told me it's $100 for him to even look at it, wasn't helpful at all over the phone, etc. If Vortex was smart, they'd find a new USA distributor in my opinion.

I'm still playing with mine and the jury is still out re the price (US$400), but the smoother power delivery across the whole rev range is very apparent on the default setting; I particularly like the ability to change from snappy to tractor on the fly for going up those long steep loose hills.

If you think it's going to be some massive power gain like changing the std pipe to an aftermarket one - you'll be disappointed.

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