CRF 150F Seat Height Need lower

I purchased a Link from Norm at Kouba in Boise , Idaho and he sold me a CRF150/230 link , very well made easy to install, no burrs, inner sleeve fit well, nice to have a grease zerk as well.

I put this on my wifes 2005 CRF 150 she got short legs and lowered the forks 3/8" and unloaded the sag to almost nothing and that was to far extreme, she complained her butt hurt so I pre loaded the best possible for her and she was happy but we noticed the factory kick stand brought the bike off center and no longer was stable. Stand needs to cut off and pad re-welded. I know this is most likely the extreme - just though I would pass this on

Thanks to Norm and Canyon Honda in Nampa Idaho

/s/ Captain Bill Modesto,CA

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