HELP! cam chain failure?

hello, My bike have 15000 dirty miles.

I've just installed E-gasket, new wiseco piston (stock bore and comp) hotcams (intake) and made valve job.

the bike go fast but the rattling of camchain is very high, :naughty: even if I tensioned my MCCT.

what should be happened? mistakes in assembling parts?

The MCCT is nearly IN but there was no such rattling before I disassembled the engine.

maybe the slack increased due to thinner gasket?

I'll try to replace CamChain, is the "E" chain shortest?

please give your opinions.

thank you



mistakes in assembling parts YES

Take the cover off the top

Have a look with a torch at the chain guides

Chk the cam timing to ,maybe it is wrong

Take sum photos if you can

Ok I will look at chain guide,

but how can chain timing be wrong? engine cannot work out timing (valves hit the piston?)

Don't ride it or start it until you are sure everything is assembled correctly. Did you reinstall the cam chain guide that rides against the tensioner - this sounds like a good possibility.

cam chains do strech so it is time to change to a did heavy duty.

I started the engine and all is OK also at high RPM.

I think this : I followed manual's directions reducing the slack between camchain sprocket and exaust cam

but probably the previous slack was higher and It's transferred on other side of camchain were tensioner cannot compensate. hope will be all ok with new camchain, here I cannot find DID and I must purchase the stock for 90$! :naughty:

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