MRA 2005 Season Schedule

May '05

Saturday, April 30th Pueblo Motorsports Park

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

Saturday, May 14th Pikes Peak Itnl.

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

June '05

Saturday, June 4th Second Creek

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

Saturday, June 18th Continental Divide

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

July '05

Saturday, July 16th La Junta

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

August '05

Saturday, Aug 13th Pueblo Motorsports Park

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

September '05

Saturday, Sept 3rd Pikes Peak Itnl.

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

Saturday, Sept 24th Pueblo Motorsports Park

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

October '05

Saturday, Oct 1st Second Creek Raceway

Colorado Class & SuperMoto Races

Please read the rulebook and the supermoto page- this year we opened up some more opportunities for the supermoto guys and we added more overall races. We also made the mini class more competitive by limiting the 2-strokes to 65cc and less and allowing 4-strokes up to 160cc.

Colorado class allows unlimited single cylinder bikes and comes about an hour before the S/M races on Saturday- a great way to practice the road portion of the course and work out the kinks in your setup. Now you can run Saturday morning practice and not have a 3 hour gap before the racing starts!

The MRA has some GREAT contingency deals worked out and some you don't even have to use the product. This, the transponder timing system, the ambulance and trained corner crews make the license fee worthwhile.

are there going to be any more license days? i have been to busy to make it down there thus far...

There are no more school dates scheduled but you can show up on Saturday morning (0700) and get checked out during practice. If you have ANY racing experience, it's a breeze.

do i need to get a mra license if i have an ama pro license??? i want to make the next race.. :naughty:

monte frank

ama supermoto #154

Yes, you still need an MRA license. Pueblo is really a fun track- nearly half dirt, two tabletops, packed and loose dirt, high speed paved corners and one sick paved 180 from top gear.

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