WR valve clearance tool?

I thought Id read someplace that yamaha had a tool for the WR and YZ for checking the valves that was narrower than normal to fit in the more compact head on these bikes. Anyone know a place I can buy one?

previous owner did some work on this bike and 3/5 valves are way off since he obviously used a standard gauge without even bending the tip for a straight draw. Ive got a shim kit on order also, since Ive got no idea whats in there now and dont have a micrometer small enough to measure shims. All the size markings are worn off =(

I get 100 psi on this motor which is about 70psi less than Id like to see. all the clearances are looser than normal, not tighter, so I dont think Ill see any compression benefit from this. might be I have to re-do the cylinder which previous owner probably screwed up :/

I just use a set of Motion Pro feeler gauges. They were only like $10 for a set of three. I also have a set from Sears, but they're much wider and tend to be a pain to use on a couple of the lobes...SC

How wide can you have to fit in there? This will be my first time checking and I would hate to have the thing apart and not get my standard feeler gage in there. It is the flat fan out type from Sears.

Thanks for the guidance,


'05 WR450

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