jumping an xr250


Does anyone have experience jumping an xr250? I have an 87 I take over a 3 foot ramp to get a feel for jumping. I know it is not a motocross bike but if I sail maybe 15-20 feet, the bike almost bottoms.

Just wondering if anyone knew the limits this bike is capable of.

The bike wasn't built for motocross, and the suspension is definately not set up for it. I weigh 175 and I have no problems with low 5-10 ft jumps on stock suspension. Stiffer fork springs would help, and maybe turning up the compression adjusters. If you search the forum, you will find more information.

Be aware however, that a lot of people report broken footpeg mounts from jumping the XR's.

When you are landing are you landing on a landing ramp or flat ground? When you come down are both your wheels hitting at the same time or is your front or rear hitting first. You could prob. hit a pretty large ramp if it has a good landing ramp and be alright.

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