need some info on the yz450f

i am sick of the problems with my honda atv and wanna get back on a bike.

how are these bikes throught the trails and how good is the stock shock?

The stock shock on the 426/450 is excellent and should have enough adjustment to dial it in for trail riding. This is just my opinion and depends on how tight the trails are but I think the 426 is probably better suited for trail riding than the 450. Keep in mind that they are bred to be MX bikes and you might want to look at the WR's if you are mostly trail riding.

The YZ450 is an exceptional motorcycle. They're extremely reliable, too. However, as Vibeguy pointed out, they're a Real Race Bike, and are a little high-strung. But they're a lot of fun, too, and in the end it depends on how you like to ride. The earlier ones are the least suited for trail riding, but it's correctable. Add flywheel weight. If it's an '03 with a stock clutch, you'll want to smooth it out some with a Hinson or GYT-R clutch kit. The suspension is set up for MX with a 160-175 pound rider stock. The rear shock is generally though of as excellent, and the forks as pretty good.

WR's have a 5 speed with a lower first gear, and the e-start, but comes with 15-20 extra pounds.

wide open trails and there is an mx track about a mile away from my house. i spend most of my time there. i dont want an e start because i hate dealing with batteries. whats the differance between 426 and the 450

I love mine for trail riding and wide open desert. I had to re-spring the rear end because I am a fat ass. Now it is sprung for 230 lbs. and I love it!!

whats the differance between 426 and the 450
10-20 pounds, depending on the specific year model, better forks on the '04, about 1-2 horsepower, depending on the dyno, one gear, and something like $1000. Or more. The 426 engine has a SLIGHTLY more civilized character to it.

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