Roll Call: Dream House Ride at Aonia Pass

Who's going?

Count me in!!

I will be riding a white XR400, no stickers, no polyester, or the ATV cycle-towtruck if someone crashes or breaks down, look me up!

Robert :naughty:

Huh, guess I'll have the place to myself.....never thought $10 more than the normal track/trail fees, offset by the free breakfast and lunch, would matter. Just $35.....

Could be camera shy, Speed TV was there last year.....The camera luckily only caught my bikes and equipment, no pictures of my "360-seat grab-body varial" at the tunnel jump riding a '77 Z50 on nitrous exist.....

Cmon y'all, it wont kill ya!! My club is making a weekend of it, Saturday at Durhamtown, Sunday at the Dream House Ride, the two spots are only about 45 minutes apart!

Anyone in?


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