Stalling on DR-Z250?

The last couple of rides, after I have ridden for about 10 minutes, when I come to a stop the bike idles down and then dies. It does start again, but only after about 30 seconds. I assume I need to adjust the settings on the carb, but am wondering where to start. Thanks.

well if it helps make shure your chocks off ive done this once before and rode for a hole day and at the end i sed o yeah i never turned that off???? but i dont no how this would get you at a diffirent altude. if its not that witch it realy probley isent just take it to a local dealer and have them twek the carb so its runing pirfrict.

Did u ever rejett after u sold ur exhaust and airfilter?

Yes, I did. Only started having problems this past week. Maybe got a speck of dirt in there somewhere. I'll have to rip into sometime and check it out. I just thought I'd check here to see if anyone else had a similar problem.

I'm no expert mechanic, but looking for a clogged fuel filter (integrated into the petcock) or clog somewhere else in the system sounds like a good place to start. Also make sure the breather check valve on the gas cap isn't sticking and causing vapor lock -- though that would probably cause more lean symptoms than what you are describing.

Does the bike run OK otherwise? If it's too rich on top it could be loading up and killing when you let it idle down.

Some other ideas:

- clogged overflow or breather lines from carb

- spark plug - fouled or fried?

- air filter - dirty?

- idle speed setting - does it idle OK when hot otherwise? Manual specifies idle speed of 1600 rpm +-100 for the Mikuni TM28, 1500 for the TM33 (Calif).

- air screw - did you re-adjust after rejetting? Did it back itself out?

- worn needle valve or debris caught between valve and seat

- acceleration plunger (pump) stuck or worn, or spring sacked

- water in gasoline? (would make it run crappy all the time, probably, not just upon idle down)

Good luck,


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