Removing exhaust baffle on wr

I just bought a used 03 wr. The exhaust baffle is removed. Does this mean that I have no spark arrestor now?

NOPE!!! It's still in there! :naughty:

For the rest of us, put something in there, like a sock or a good insert. I like my Quiet Products one. I only have a few mods, this was the cheapest and the most worthwhile.

now go out and make sure the grey wire is cut and the throttle stop is cut down

I did cut the grey wire yesterday and he said he cut the throttle screw. I am not sure if I am going to do the airbox thing. Does it help and are thre any consequences.

takin the baffle out of the airbox is a plus plus no negative thing, cutting it can be risky, youll get more air into the box (more are being more power) but if you ride in mud or sand or rain then id be hesitant about cuttin to much....UNI makes prefilter things that are like mini air filters that go into 1" drilled holes, donno how they work but something ta consider

Is there any rejetting that needs to be done if the airbox snorkel is pulled?

No, you shouldn't have to rejet after removing your air snorkel. My 05 ran much better after I removed the snorkel.

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