My first GP

On Sunday I entered my first GP. Novice class. Parade lap was great - very fun track. Race started, and I intentionally held back to let most everyone go ahead. Third turn, some guy hits me, runs me into a tree. Broken arm in three places, and surgery yesterday. Plate, pins, the works. There was no reason in the world for him to hit me, either. The track was basically wide open where it happened. To make matters worse, he broke my front brake lever. He kept on going. He was riding a Honda and wearing red, so that narrows it down to about 50 guys.

Oh well. Stuff happens. This hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for riding a bit.

damn, sorry to hear about the injury and on your first GP no less. That's one reason I don't race...I can't afford to be laid up like that. That and there aren't really any tracks around here. Anyway, hope you heal up quick

What track was this at ? That sucks People need to know its for fun and mellow out .

That's one reason I don't race...I can't afford to be laid up like that


you probably have about as much potential to hit a tree or another rider head-on trail riding. bad luck is bad luck.

the nice part about doing a race is if you do get hurt their is often medics on site and other people ready to attend to you and get you the help you need.

on the trail it could be hours before you receive attention.

yea thats happend to me like 2 yrs ago when i enterd my first gncc racing down at big buck and some idiot on a kawi was going the wrong way on the trails and was going like a bat out of hell and he ran smack in to me and i broke both fhemers!!!!!!!!!! sucks i still have the rods in my legs pins the works just like you!!!!!! i know where your comming from.

Tough luck, hope you heal fast!

I had a guy land on me back in '90 coming off a 60' triple. Broke my back, down for 6 mos...he was on a Honda too- hey might be the same guy!... :naughty:

hope you have a speedy and uneventful recovery. Keep the faith and get back on that bike when you heal, it will do your spirit good.

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