Rear wheel bind

My rear wheel does not roll freely. (2001 WR426F)

When on the stand I have to use a good amount force to roll the rear tire.

It appears to be binding or dragging on the rear rotor. I put on new rotor and new pads but it's still the same. The new rear rotor is starting to show alot of wear. I imagine it is from the brake pads continually dragging on the rotor.

Any suggestions? :naughty:

Check to see if the tab on the swingarm is running in the groove in the rear caliper.

Sometimes it slips your mind.

Sounds like the piston is seized in the caliper. The piston may have a build up of gunk/corrosion around it. Blow the piston out with compressed air, and using brake cleaner and 'superfine' sand paper (1500 wet and dry should be OK) clean up the piston and also the caliper bore. The piston must move in and out freely before re-assembly. If the damage is severe, you may need a caliper rebuild kit.

Try removing the rotor or caliper and then rotate the wheel to narrow it down. If it's a seized wheel bearing this is how you'll find it. You live in AZ, so water is usually not the problem.

I'd check the wheel alignment, sometimes those tick marks on the swingarm can be out a little bit.

Thanks guys. :naughty:

All good suggestions. I'll check those out.

Now I just need to find the time. :naughty:

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