broken clutch return spring ?

In the effort to replace my worn clutch cable I removed the clutch release arm to get the cable end out a bit easier. the clutch arm was a bit stuck to the splined end of the cam shaft requiring me to apply a little upward pressure to get it off. I hooked up the new clutch cable to lever and clutch release arm and put the arm back on the cam shaft but there is no return spring action pulling the clutch arm back to neutral position. I can turn the cam shaft end with my fingers freely in each direction - but no spring action :naughty:

Is it possible that I broke the clutch return spring with th upward pressure and if so......... :naughty: what kind of job is required to replace it..? I do not own a service manual and am a bit intimidated by the idea of having to tear the transmission apart to fix this. Would I be better served to have a shop replace the spring if it is broken ?

thank you in advance for any input !

you just do not have the arm in the correct positon on the splines.

you just do not have the arm in the correct positon on the splines.

:naughty: I was half way through a reply,, when I read Burneds :naughty:

As is normal,, he is dead on. Just remove the arm, rotate the shaft till it stops, install the arm.. Now when you pull on it,, in stead of taking up free play,,it will actuate the clutch...

Burned your suggestion makes sense to me... in fact I did think of that and made several attempts to turn (with my hand and/or a pliers.. ) the splined end as far as I could towards the direction that the cable pulls - then attach the arm with hopes that this would solve the problem but it wouldn't pull any farther....... but i am a newbie :naughty: and likely have made some simple error.

Based on my limited experience with this stuff I am going to guess that your right. But until I can get done with work and home again to make another attempt at this, maybe you can rest my fears by helping me to look at this from another angle.

With your knowledge :naughty: of how that return spring fits into the cam shaft. what kind of force would it take to break one of those return springs and how likely would it be for me to have broken the spring ?

there really is no return spring.its just the clutch springs themselves.

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