Power outlet on KLR650 - advice please

I'd like to do this mod for my KLR to power my GPS.


1) Any other suggestions for a better mounting spot?

2) Any idea on what the "AUX. Wires" are that he mentions? (pics would be helpful)

3) If I have to route right to the battery, any wire routing tips?

Comments from anyone how has done this would be appreciated. Thanks!

There are 2 wires right by the head light under the cluster that aren't connected to anything...they will be easy to see. these are used on the European © model but not in the states.

I bought this one but it was alot cheaper when I bought it.


I would problably make my own as I could do it for less money.

Awesome - Thank-you - I'll look for the extra wires tonight. I got the same weatherproof outlet as the picture at a local auto parts store. Maybe I'll try to rig up a mini-dashboard like that too.

No problem...if you try to duplicate the kit in the link I sent you....they supplied a longer bolt to replace the original along with a spacer about 1/2 inch long that is used behind the little black dashboard to gain some clearance behind the dash to allow room for the outlet. The dash supplied is just flexible plastic. You could find some of that or get a sheet of aluminum.

You might want to check out this KLR specific board There are alot of very knowledgeable people there.


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