Spokes TTR-125L

My buddy and I keep breaking spokes.

I had three break on Sun. which brings me to a total of 4

broken spokes.

We ride moto with them, 30ft doubles, 50ft tabletop etc.

I have BBR springs front & rear.

Regardless, anyone else have this problem and what did you

do about it?

Can you buy stronger spokes?

Or are OEM the only replacement?


One day I noticed my son had 1 broken. He rides the track, jumping and all that. I noticed alot of spokes were REAL loose. I started checking before every ride. So far so good.

i just happen to read this post....i race a 04 ttr125l and i saw that you said your son jumps...i just started and im not really sure how much my ttr can take on jumping wise is your ttr modded out in anyway that helped you with jumps?? thanks!

ive heard u should check and c if any spokes are loose after every hard ride.

deffinaitly tighten your spokes up. My friend grenaded a rear wheel on his XR because he wasnt maintaining it.

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