saw a blue DR-Z400S on the trails Sunday

hey guys how's it going. been a while. I spent the weekend riding some good california woods trails. Came across a group of guys and one was on a blue DRZ..... Nice to see. I said hey I had that bike, that's a good bike I tolf him. He smiled and said he was having a blast on it.

meanwhile my update is the husky is doing me great. no mechanical issues at all. I check my own valves and it is easy to do. I like the quick disconnect seat and fast removal tank. the only minor trouble is one side panel bolt is stuck in the frame and I cant get it out, but the air filer box is access thru the seat....anyways I'm not here to yack about the new bike,, just saying hi to the old DRZ forum.

keep riding! :naughty::D:naughty:

Come back to the light.....


Glad you're enjoying the new ride. Even if it ain't no DRZ it sounds pretty nice.

He smiled and said he was having a blast on it.

This seems to be the typical response of DRZ riders!

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