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My head in the clouds......

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After the carb loading thread and the all-out-power thread. I got to thinking.

Has anyone ever used propane on a bike? I can see this on my S pretty easy.

Pull off all the things that deliver gas to the motor, retain the stock ignition, add a low horse mixer. Remove one radiator and add the vaporizor in that location. Fab up a place to put a skinny propane tank (possibly a large capacity scuba tank). Put on an E lower gasket to get some compression. Possibly no gasket just some yama-bond if the vavles will clear the piston. That would help get the compression up.

The end result would be a bike that COULD run on it's side or upside down and the power would be better than a stock S because the fuel mixture would be far better. The Gov would probably give you some money back for a GREEN bike. You would also be farely unique. Propane is safer than gas also. Cheaper too.

So....insanity or probability. :naughty::naughty::D

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I get that at the DMV.

"I am here to talk to the investigator about a car I am building."

Que the investigator

"I am planning on building a single seater, 400hp, 36" suspension travel, propane injected, truck from scatch and I want to get a Prototype title for it. I have done the research with the inspection manual and I can make it compliant to the street legal laws."

The inspectors face is........ :D:D:cry: "I don't think so."

Me "But....."

Inspector "Buy a motorcycle."

Me :naughty::naughty::D

Why is it so hard to build something you want to and then drive it on the road?

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